About Resala

Resala Association for Charity is charity doing a lot of activities in Egypt, was established in 1999 as a movement student at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University and then took up as a charity in 29/5/2000 and have many branches that spread at the level of the Republic and of more than 60 branches.

Year 2000

The first shift of the message when someone donated a plot of land in the area and was able Faisal young people volunteer to provide the necessary funding their own efforts was the declaration of Assembly 444 number was established the first branch of the Resala (Resala Faisal).

Year 2003

Association began Resala at the opening of more branches (Mohandsine - Maadi - New Egypt - 6 October-Nasr City - Helwan - Mokattam - Alexandria - Zagazig - Menoufia - .... etc.) and exercised through these branches are at least 24 active charitable works done thousands of volunteers from the young men and women and children and adults

Year 2006

The opening of the first phase of the hospital charity Resala includes several sections such as (invisible - women and generate - Surgery - Conjunctivitis - nose and ear - teeth - Leather - Children - bones - Urologist - the brains and nerves - psychological and nervous - Audio and addresses - nutrition and Physiotherapy - emergency 24 hours)

Year 2011

The opening of the second phase to include operating rooms and rooms accommodation equipped with the latest processes and devices more powerful systems to fight infection and better care for patients after operations stay hotel rooms to learn more about the hospital Resala Press Hnatm the opening of school message charity in part to include the stages kindergarten and first Primary only that gradually be opened to all academic levels